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 Guangzhou Five Goat Watch Co., Ltd.


    Guangzhou Five Goat Watch Co. Ltd. is a joint venture non-state-owned enterprise (Non-SOE) founded on December 1, 2011. With investments from Shenzhen Seti Trade Development Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Watch Factory and Zhuhai Rossini Watch Industry Ltd. together with Rossini and EBOHR have a registered capital of 100 million. Our parent company is Citychamp Watch & Jewellery Group Limited.
    Our business is located at No.14 Shiliugang Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou. We specialize in high-quality automatic mechanical movements and watches. Our team of efficient, experienced and highly skilled craftsmen and watchmakers continue to preserve the tradition of quality watchmaking, while our Non-SEO Advanced Management Model pushes us forward into the 21st century.
    With joint-venture cooperation we strive to advance our equipment and technology beyond industry standards, and continually enhance the accuracy of our precision instruments. With the techniques and skills gained from our cooperation with Swiss enterprises, our mechanical watches now have higher accuracy than ever before. Inheriting the horological culture from one of China’s original 8 watch producers, Guangzhou Watch Factory, we have over 50 years of history and experience. Today our “Dixmont” and “Guangzhou” brands are more popular than ever before, and we continue to be one of the most trusted producers of accurate timepieces beloved by collectors and watch enthusiasts both at home and abroad.
    In Guangzhou you may find our timepieces at Guangzhou Friendship Stores and Grandbuy Department Stores. Guangzhou Leepaa Watch Store is authorized as an agent of Guangzhou and Dixmont watches and fittings. We look forward to further growth in domestic and foreign markets, and we welcome dealers to join us around the world!