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Guangzhou Five Goat Watch Co., Ltd.


    Guangzhou Five Goat Watch Company Limited, formerly Guangzhou Watch Factory, originated in 1958 and became the mechanical automatic watch manufacture.

    Today, our company is a Sino-foreign joint venture, registered capital of 100 million, located in No.14 Shiliugang Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou. And it’s the member of China Haidian Holdings Limited, which is the Hong Kong-listed company.

   The two high-grade watch brands--“Guangzhou” and “DIXMONT” have a long history. In 1990s, Mao Tse-tung’s (Chairman Mao) 100th anniversary diamond gold watch was launched, stimulating the Red Classics trend. In 1997, It designed the thinnest multi-functional automatic mechanical watches in China. In 2000, It produced the automatic tourbillon watches of thinnest、several functions and the best. In 2004, The theme--“make the time more valuable” shows taste, fashion, elegance and value of Guangzhou.

    Guangzhou has 1000 years of history, stable, generous, inclusive and vigorous culture of precipitation. "Guangzhou" inherited Yangcheng's culture and humanism.

    DIXMONT – is a famous town of beautiful scenery, classic elegance, south of Paris, in France, the historic and famous town, , the air was filled with fashion and romantic atmosphere. The "DIXMONT consistently adhering to the town of elegant, stylish, romantic style, design concepts, all are proved the long-lasting fresh, fine workmanship, quality of the ultimate.

    With 50 years of horology—timing  culture and  creating  the first-class  mechanical watches. “Guangzhou”and “DIXMONT”are becoming high-grade world timing and cultural feast, a classic of classics, the value of the value by virtue of pursuing the romantic, elegant and fashionable temperament.